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YOUR WEDDING AT AMERICAN LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                          
Since marriage is an institution of God, regulated by God’s Commandments and blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ, this information is designed for the purpose of helping you plan your wedding in harmony with Christian understandings of marriage and in keeping with the worship practices of American Lutheran Church.  Planners do well to keep in mind that weddings at ALC are services of worship to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

Planning Since several meetings with the pastor and others (counseling, music planning, wedding committee, etc) are often needed in preparation for a marriage service, we advise engaged couples to schedule their wedding day well in advance-at least six months.

Scheduling    While you have probably already spoken with the church secretary, no wedding is officially scheduled at this church without being entered in the pastor's parish calendar.  This means that you will have to consult with the pastor of ALC in order to schedule a wedding date.  Also, whlie non-members of ALC may use the church building for a wedding, member have the first option for building use.  Non-members may consider their wedding date guaranteed for the six months prior to the date scheduled.

The Wedding Committee  Please contact a member of the wedding committee to start planning your wedding at ALC.  A member of the wedding committee wil be assigned to each couple .  The committee consists of Joyce Jansen (854-9112), Austie Albrecht (854-9325), Teresa Palmlund (854-3250).

For more information about planning your wedding at ALC, right-click on the document you would like to see, click on open in new window, and then click on the attachment in lower left-hand corner; WEDDING_GUIDE.docx
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